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The Working Manifesto: Democratize, Decommodify, Remediate

by Isabelle Ferreras, Julie Battilana, and Dominique Méda. 2020. Paris: Le Seuil.

Authored at the height of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, this book is the result of an international collaboration between twelve female academics who apply their expertise to offer a blueprint for a more resilient, dignified and sustainable society.

The extension of a call to action signed by 6,000 scholars and published in 43 publications worldwide, the Manifesto presents three critical principles to rethink our economic system: Democratize work, decommodify labor, to remediate the planet.

As the world grapples with crises, both economic, health, social and political in nature, this book lays a feminist path forward that is greener, fairer, and more democratic.



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