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Boston Boost'Her launch at the Residence de France hosted by the Consul General

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Boston Boost’Her kicked off on 21 October at the Residence de France in Cambridge, MA generously hosted by the Consul General of France, Arnaud Mentré and his wife, Caroline, who have both been long-standing diversity and inclusion advocates.

Given the COVID context, we were able to have a restricted event welcoming Professor Julie Battilana from the Harvard Business School/ Harvard Kennedy School. Professor Battilana provided a lot of thought-provoking content. We discussed how each of us can agitate, innovate or orchestrate and how power is constructed. We discussed ways in which employees could be included into the governance of companies (following the co-determination of Germany for instance) and examined in depth the 3 principles at the core of her new book: ‘Democratize,’ ‘De-Commoditize’, ‘De-contaminate’.

All in all, a fantastic launch thanks to  the quality of your questions and ensuing discussions!

Boston Boost’Her is launching in a peculiar year - yet this will not deter us…

Reach out to get involved- all ideas and comments are welcome to strengthen the network for you!

We are currently working on a number of tools to facilitate communication among members and ensure most of you can benefit from the very rich academic and entrepreneurial  circles in Boston.

See you soon!

Boston Boost’Her




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