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Meet Maya Said - Founder, President & CEO of Outcomes4Me Women in science, entrepreneurship and how

Boston BoostHER 3rd guest - Dec. 10th 2020

Maya spent the last 15 years working in healthcare, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on increasing innovation and access.

Despite her extensive experience with healthcare systems globally, it wasn't until she first became a patient herself that she realized much more can be done to improve outcomes and better serve the needs of patients. An engineer and scientist by training, she strongly believes that technology combined with early patient input can address many of the gaps patients experience today in navigating the healthcare system. Her conviction that technology-based solutions that empower patients can lead to better outcomes led her to create Outcomes4Me.

Prior to founding the company, she spent many years as a senior pharmaceutical executive at both Novartis and Sanofi leading global functions, including Market Access, Policy, R&D Strategy and Business Development. Earlier in her career, she was a Principal at the Boston Consulting Group and a founding member of its Strategy Institute.

Maya trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), earning dual degrees in Biology and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) with a minor in Economics. She also holds a Master of Science in Toxicology, a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Doctor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Systems Biology, all from MIT. She has authored numerous scientific and strategy articles and was honored with the Carlton E. Tucker award for teaching excellence, the Department Head Recognition Award for major contribution to the EECS Department at MIT, and the Burchard Scholar for excellence in humanities and social sciences.



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