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What a great conversation on philanthropy and social impact with Bekah Salwasser and Katie Ellias !

What a powerful evidence of sorority it has been!

Thank you Rebekah Splaine Salwasser, executive director of the Boston Red Sox Foundation and Katie Ellias, managing director of T1DFund for sharing with us your life-long friendship, your commitment to social impact and your tips on how to grow the ladder without loosing your soul on the way.

Your insightful approach to leadership was a great way to kickstart this new BoostHER season

We'd like to share a few words that deeply resonated for us :

"Because I was a woman, because I was pretty ... the presumption always was that I didn't have the ability to be in a position of power.

You have to have the ability to take those presumptions and turn them, move forward and prove everybody wrong.


Being on the (soccer) field built my confidence in a way that I'm comfortable anywhere. I know I deserve to be at the table, and every job and every title that I got. I might be somewhat intimidated but I certainly don't show it.

Confident as I am, I'm smart too and I work hard to make sure to give my best everytime so that people can't doubt who I am and what I bring to the table".

We loved that idea - and live demonstration - that being self-confident and working hard are two equally important qualities. While most of us work hard, we're sometimes reluctant to show up fully. Listening to you both was inspiring and energizing !



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